Sono Italiano was one of the first American Sun Dried tomato companies. From the start, we set out to create a high quality, consistent product our customers could always count on. As Sono Italiano continues as part of the Urban Farmer family we maintain rigorous standards for our tomatoes, and all our signature products. 

Urban Farmer’s Sono Italiano Sun Dried Tomatoes are a cut above the rest, even before they are sun dried– we always start with only premium tomatoes. The tomatoes are then hand-processed, using special techniques originated in Italy over 200 years ago. As the name suggests, our tomatoes are truly sun dried: they never see the inside of an oven. Even in packaging, the tomatoes are treated with the utmost care, and are sterilized and triple cleaned before processing. This careful process results in enhanced flavor and a unique meaty texture. Sono Italiano true Sun Dried Tomatoes can be single, double and even triple diced, and still maintain the texture and enticing flavor that you expect from a sun dried tomato.








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